February 5, 2011


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Thank you for the excellent German shepherd

After having Cassie for half a year, we really want to thank Lino for providing us this excellent dog and his always kind support. First of all, Cassie has brought us so much Joy after she joined our family. She has very good temperament. People always think that German Shepherds are aggressive but people in my neighborhood have changed their impression about German Shepherd dogs because of Cassie. She is closely bonded to everyone in my family and we all love her so much! Secondly, Lino is such a responsible person. We don’t have experience with dogs at all. Whenever we have any questions, we either message or email Lino, he always respond promptly and give us a lot of valuable suggestions. Lino is so helpful and supportive. I would recommend Clarot’s German Shepherds to my friends.

Lucy and family Richmond Hill

Hi Lino,

I believe you would like this as it is a very positive reflection of your breeding.

Rachelle is a trainer that we she when we take Amara to run with other dogs on Thursday evenings, and is impressed as she has written below.

In desensitizing Amara by taking her everywhere with us, we have received numerous compliments on her behavior. I like Rachelle believe it started with us contacting you, it has proved to be a very smart decision.


For me, good temperament is paramount for a family pet and Amara’s temperament is wonderful. She played with many dogs tonight, including a few new ones and although the energy level rose quite high, we never saw her pass her threshold. Not even remotely! That’s amazing, especially for her first time on a Thursday night with a bunch of high energy dogs. I am very impressed with this dog.

I am also impressed with the amount of self confidence and confidence she has. When things escalated between other dogs, she didn’t shy back nor become reactive to the situation. She has a great deal of control over her emotions. She is forgiving, but not too forgiving, which is absolutely perfect as a family pet.

Her environmental focus is strong, as we would expect in a Shepherd and I know we’ll see improved people focus as she settles in with the new group and we’re able to work on recalls and focus work in that setting.

The second most important aspect for me is fluent movement. She has a great build and her movement is already quite beautiful. She is flexible, quick and strong. I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow mentally and physically.

During playdate tonight, I saw her adaptive intelligence kick in as she tried and figured out things like how to entice another to play, how to interact with different personalities or ways to quickly weave around objects and people without bumping into them. Nice.



Hi Lino,
Just wanted to write to you about how wonderful Luna she is the perfect member of our family. We have her around my aunt’s small kids and they all love her, she is so gentle. She is also great with other dogs and animals. When we take her out with she always gets a ton of compliments. I attached a few photos of her at the beach.

Thank you!
Stephanie & Kevin

German Shepherd Dogs Toronto
Toronto German Shepherds Dogs

We got Jessie from Clarot almost 2 years ago. She is my 3rd GSD and the most obedient dog I have ever had. Her beauty is stunning! She is also fantastic with chidren, other dogs and people in general. I would highly recommend getting a Clarot Shepherd!

Kenny Caughlin

Our family purchased our puppy (Tasha) from Clarot’s German Shepherd’s just before Christmas and we have been very pleased with the new addition to our family. Tasha’s transition from her natural mother to our family went very well, she is a very sweet, loyal and of course very playful companion. As a Mother of 2 girls ages 7&9 and also an inexperienced dog owner I was very pleased with Lino’s Knowledge and experience with German Shepherd’s and very thankful as well that any questions I asked he was able to answer. His support both before and after bringing Tasha home has been greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Clarot’s to anyone looking for the highest quality in both breeders and German Shepherd’s.

Thank you so much Lino!

The Bowker family

Dear Lino,

Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful puppy! She is full of life very playful and energetic. Her favorite thing is her Tennis Ball. She loves to play all the time and loves taking long walks. Thanks for a great dog. A wonderful puppy from Zoey and Tattoo.


Natalie C.

From Toronto

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My name is Amanda, I am please to say that we have had our beautiful dog Farrah for over 6 years now. She has an amazing temperament and we are extremely happy with her. We want to thank Lino for his experience and guidance over the years. Farrah is a big part of our family!

Thank You

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Hey Lino,

Thanks for providing an awesome German Shepherd! Bella has been quite a treat. Very energetic and very smart. Everyone who meets her are amazed at how beautiful she is. Her colors certainly set her apart and make her unique. We’ve recently added a new addition to our family, our daughter baby Alena. She is 5 months old now and Bella (14months) has taken well to her. Bella has a great disposition and excellent temperament and learns very quickly. We definitely made the right choice coming to you.

We appreciate your support! Keep in touch!


Chris, Carla and Alena

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Hey Lino, Hope you’ve had a wonderful year and a wonderful christmas with the family.
Orion Is a year old in 2 days and I thought I would update you with a few new photo’s of him.

Again thank you so much, I’ve had nothing but joy from this dog.

Have a great year!
Mohammad Al-Kerw

Orion Pic 01

Orion Pic 02