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Breeding German Shepherds That Matter!

At Clarot’s German Shepherds, we strive to produce dogs who embody superior temperament, correct conformation, a keen will to work and above all great health. Our selective breeding program allows you to choose from the finest blood lines Germany has to offer. Our love for the German Shepherd dog started over 20 years ago. Over the years I have enjoyed working with my dogs both in the sport of Schutzhund and in the show ring. By following the standard that was laid down by the SV in Germany, We can have the best of both worlds. The ideal German Shepherd dog is a working dog with a reliable character that shows a strong degree of beauty and nobility.

I am among countless people worldwide whose lives are richer for knowing and loving a German Shepherd, the most versatile of dog breeds. The breed was developed to serve man and woman, and also to work for us and with us.

” Do you need me to guard your flock, protect your home. Be a movie star. You can train me to be the eyes for a blind person. I can partner with a police officer. I have served alongside you in war. I adapt to changing times. I can sniff out drugs and bombs and disease. I can find lost children and disaster victims. If you want me to do it, I can. Just show me what you want.”

As a breeder it is my goal to keep on producing dogs that are able to succeed and or adapt to the lifestyle we give him…..


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